Collected Backgrounds from Echo's WebMagic, Ltd.
Welcome to my newest web service: Collected public domain seamless tiles and border backgrounds. Use these anywhere - as desktop wallpapers, as backgrounds for your web pages - some of the tiles are even suitable to use singly as decorations on documents or web pages.

(If you are looking for the Prodigy Roleplay Biographies, click here.)

No credit or linking is required for you to use these on the web. I do however insist that you not link to these files directly. Save them to your own system and upload them to your own web host.

To my knowledge, all the backgrounds listed here are in the public domain. If you recognize a copyrighted graphic, please notify me so I can remove it from the collection!

The backgrounds are organized by color. To date I have only had time to prepare a portion of my collection. Still to come are the rest of the background tiles and all of the borders.


Blue Tiles
Brown Tiles
Cyan Tiles
Dark Gray to Black Tiles
Green Tiles
Light Gray to White Tiles
Multicolor Tiles
Orange Tiles
Pink Tiles
Purple Tiles
Red Tiles
Yellow Tiles


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