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Border Background Sets Sorted by Color
Border Background Sets Sorted by Theme

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For the blood is the life ... For the blood is the life ...
Red on Red Red on Red
Anemone Blanda Anemone Blanda
Frog Frog
Blue Delphinium Blue Delphinium
Familiar Familiar
Baby Bandit Birds Baby Bandit Birds
Wild Thing Wild Thing
Marcia's Garden 3 Marcia's Garden 3
(Sedum mediovariegatum)
Marcia's Garden 2 Marcia's Garden 2
(Blue Star Juniper)
911 911
Eyes Eyes
Candy Striper Candy Striper
Stationery #2 Stationery #2
Stationery #1 Stationery #1
Overloaded Overloaded
Very Yellow Rose Very Yellow Rose
White Hyacinth White Hyacinth
Snowy Owl Snowy Owl
That Nesting Instinct That Nesting Instinct
Now That's a Black Cat! Now That's a Black Cat!
Winter Slope Winter Slope
Anger 1 Anger 1
Fleur 1 Fleur 1
Watercolor Rose Watercolor Rose
Rock Garden Rock Garden
Sudden Silver Sudden Silver
Dinner by Sunset Dinner by Sunset
Road to Sunset Road to Sunset
Anxiety #1 Anxiety #1
Water Lily Water Lily
Purple Tulips Purple Tulips
Skyfire Skyfire
Friendly Light Friendly Light
All That's Gold All That's Gold
Tyger, Tyger Tyger, Tyger
Swirled Fireworks Swirled Fireworks
Siberian Bluechat Siberian Bluechat
Bohemian Waxwing? Bohemian Waxwing?
Leo Leo
King of Beasts King of Beasts
Cats, No. 1 Cats, No. 1
Narcissus Narcissus
Out There (1) Out There (1)
Wolfyn Kyzar Wolfyn Kyzar
Dedicated to my daughter Angel
Black Swan Black Swan
Aquatic Serenade Aquatic Serenade
Lepre-Goblin Lepre-Goblin
Hyperspace 1 Hyperspace 1
Red Plate Red Plate
Coppper Leaf Copper Leaf
Drow Drow
Barrow Wight Barrow Wight
Dewy Rose Dewy Rose
Teal Pinwheel Teal Pinwheel
Blood Cell Blood Cell
Spray of Frost Spray of Frost
Spray of Orchids Spray of Orchids
Peach Daylilies Peach Daylilies
Deep Mist Deep Mist
In the Evergreens In the Evergreens
Crystal Plumage Crystal Plumage
Peace Peace - Dedicated to the memory of my friend Patrick, otherwise known as Simmy
Empty Prayers Empty Prayers
Despair Despair
What Now? What Now?
Castle in the Pines Castle in the Pines
Shock Shock
Tension Headache Tension Headache
Migraine Migraine
Hurts Hurts
Torn Torn
Spring in the Air Spring in the Air
Gladioli Gladioli
Iris Sibirica Siberian Iris
Aquilegias Aquilegias (Columbines)
Achillea - The Pearl Achillea 'The Pearl'
Tulips Tulips
Autumn Colors Autumn Colors
Study in Mourning Study in Mourning
Teal Adventurers
Teal Adventurers

Bright Autumn

Bright Autumn
Roses Roses

Winter Woods

Winter Woods*

Silver Tea Set

Silver Tea Set

Spring Tree

Spring Tree*
Teal Velvet Teal Velvet*
Fleur de LysFleur de Lys*
Red Velvet and Lace Red Velvet and Lace*

Dark Rose (Two Versions)

Dark Rose*
(Two Versions)
Eagles Eagles*
Ivy and Dove Ivy and Dove*

*Based on artwork by Cher Lawson and used with her blessing.

Border Background Sets Sorted by Color
Border Background Sets Sorted by Theme

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