Earth Water Air and Fire Earth, Water, Air and Fire Earth, Water, Air and Fire

Welcome to The Elements, three collections of seamless border and tile backgrounds. There are four Elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire; I have combined the last two because it was impossible sometimes to say this background was more Air than Fire or vice versa.

As always, feel free to download these backgrounds and use them on personal web pages (Contact Echo if you are interested in purchasing a graphic). Be courteous and do not link directly to my graphics; save them and upload them to your own server. My graphics are linkware - meaning you are asked to put a link to somewhere on your site (preferably on the page[s] using my free graphics) and, if possible, to display one of my banners as part of the link (see my Linking Graphics page for banners and code fragments). If you do use something of mine, please let me know either by signing the guestbook or e-mailing me. Include the specific URL so I can add you to my Users page.


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