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What's New?

July 23, 2006: Stuff of the Week is back! Each week this will feature the newest background and links to sites I recommend.

July 18, 2006: Three new Border Backgrounds added this morning.

July 16, 2006: I have now added sorting by theme to the backgrounds. You can find most backgrounds grouped by:

Very few of the abstract backgrounds are included in the "Themes" sections (some made it into "Fantasy"). Let me know if you want a separate section for abstract backgrounds.

July 2006: Someone said in the guestbook that the index pages were too long, and another person asked for more blue. SO I have split the backgrounds up by color, and I hope this monumental task is appreciated. Now when you click to visit borders, tiles, border sets or tile sets, you'll find a link to "color sorted" index pages for each, and there is an index page for each color of each tile, and for border backgrounds, index pages for both the edge colors and the background colors. Please notify me if you find broken links or having difficulty navigating! I intend to put up a site map as soon as possible.

There are several new backgrounds as well. As always, they are at the top of the index pages.

Spring 2006: What's new is the site is BACK! Loud booing to, which took down the entire Echo's WebMagic Free Graphics site without giving me any warning or even a notice after the fact. New graphics and graphics sets will be forthcoming as soon as possible!

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Notes on Graphics

I've been asked why I do not provide pre-labeled buttons in my free web graphics sets. The answer is: when I was using free web graphics by other artists, nobody ever had ALL the labels I needed, and I could never match the font and/or effect the original artist had achieved. Rather than inflict that same frustration on others, I have chosen not to try to anticipate users' needs. Blank buttons are provided for you to customize according to the contents of your own web pages.

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Terms of Use for Echo's WebMagic Free Graphics

These free graphics are Linkware as described below. Feel free to download my Free Graphics pages and use them on your personal web pages. Commercial use may require purchase; contact Echo and describe your web page.

You are asked to link back to Echo's WebMagic if you use any of my free graphics. You can cut and paste the following code fragment, or pick up a graphical link.

<p align=center>Web graphics by <a href="">Echo's WebMagic, Ltd.</a></p>

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