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Software Links

Simple freeware icon editor - GoldIcon - from Goldshell Software.

The other menu-maker program I use - Likno All Web Menus Pro - I made these buttons with another program, but set up the rollovers and formatting with All Web Menus. Featured 11/12/06

My Website Statistics Software - Mach5 FastStats Log Analyzer - easy to use and comprehensive. Featured 10/1/06.

One of two menu-maker programs I use: Xara Menu Maker - takes a little practice, but well worth it. Featured 9/17/06
See the buttons at Amir Rug Exchange.

Email Lifesaver: Mailwasher Pro - Using this software I monitor four email accounts at once (including my elderly mother's) and easily delete spam before it ever hits our inboxes. Featured 8/20/06.

My HTML Checker: CSE HTML Validator - This software will save you from embarrassing errors. It also saves you from pulling out your hair when you know there's something wrong but you can't find it! Featured 8/13/06.

My Favorite New Software: Funduc's Duplicate File Finder - I love this utility! In just a few days I have literally cleaned thousands of duplicate files off my hard drives. Featured 8/13/06.

Essential Utility: Funduc Serch and Replace - Have to change the same thing on many pages? This software is what you need. Featured 8/6/06.

Essential Graphics Program: Ulead SmartSaver Pro - Need to compress images without losing quality? This is the answer. Featured 8/6/06.

My Link Checker: Xenu's Link Sleuth - Amazingly good software for finding
and fixing broken links - and free, too!
Featured 7/30/06.

My HTML Editor: Hippie - Update: I regret to say I cannot recommend the current version. Their website says to email them for support. I have emailed twice about an issue with HippiePro and they have not responded. Featured 7/23/06.

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